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Are there workshops or dance competitions at LindyBloom?

Can I buy tickets at the door for any of the dances?

I don't live locally and need a place to crash for the weekend.

Nope! Exchanges are all about social dancing and community building through fun and exploration. Sorry, no drop-in lessons for this event.

We will not have tickets at the door for any evening dances.

When you register, please indicate that you need a place to stay during the event and we will try to match you up with a host.

I won a free ticket from another event. Do I need to register?

Tickets sold out before I could register. Help!

I registered but I can no longer attend the event.

No need to register. We have your ticket reserved for you and will reach out to you to arrange your ticket.

In the event of a sell-out, we will be taking a Waitlist via our email

Since it is final sale, your ticket can be passed to a different person or offered to someone on the Waitlist if the event is sold out.

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