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Meet the Bands!

Saturday Headliner: The Josh Roberts Orchestra
Band Leader: Josh Roberts

Josh Roberts is a jazz guitarist, band leader and arranger who has been performing for the swing dance community for 20 years. The Josh Roberts Orchestra’s sound and repertoire is inspired by the great bands of the 1930’s and 1940’s such as Jimmie Lunceford, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Chick Webb and Duke Ellington. Josh brings original arrangements as well as his adaptations and transcriptions of both swing-era classics and lesser-known gems. His bands have featured at numerous swing dance events including Camp Jitterbug, the Northwest Balboa Festival, Portland Lindy Exchange, Balhalla, Big Sky Weekend and Lindy Bout.

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Friday: The Rugcutter Dance Orchestra
Band Leader: Michael Coury
Featured Singer: Mira Dasu

The Rugcutter Dance Orchestra led by Michael Coury specializes in original arrangements in the style of the great dance orchestras of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. This is a band that loves to play popular music for dancers and listeners of all ages and that also features some of Vancouver’s best musicians.

Featured guest vocalist Mira Dasu is a Seattle-based singer, songwriter and performer known for her energetic and engaging live shows. Mira is an international vocal coach and dancer, and a 2020 Karaoke World Championship finalist. She released her debut single “Tryna” in 2021 and “Drifting Friends” in 2022.

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Saturday Afternoon: Big Tim Five
Band Leader: Tim Sars

Tim Sars leads his band with a warm, deep and lyrical baritone saxophone tone. The band’s contagious and engaging sound embraces trad jazz and New Orleans street beat as well as fun-loving originals. Friends Jocelyn Waugh on trumpet, Marc Lindy on tuba, Janine King on trombone and Nick James on drums lift Tim up with their musical mastery. Music has taken Tim across the world from Shanghai to Amsterdam and all over Western Canada. The dance community has embraced Tim in his travels and he often plays swing dances as well as festival and theatre shows.

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Sunday: The Jason Winikoff Hot 5
Band Leader: Jason Winikoff

Jason Winikoff is a US-born, Vancouver-based drummer, percussionist, ethnomusicologist and educator. He has performed and studied extensively in Zambia and New Orleans. The Jason Winikoff Hot 5 specializes in Black American dance music from the ’20s to the ’40s with a focus on early New Orleans jazz. Influences include Sidney Bechet, King Oliver and Louis Armstrong. Recognizing that this tradition is still alive, Jason is also inspired by current legends Shannon Powell, Preservation Hall and Herlin Riley. Jason’s infectious second-line grooves and creative collaboration with dancers will keep you hopping all night long.

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